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Customer Service & Relations

We want more than your business, we want your return business.  Our number one goal is not only to take care of your computer needs but to develop an outstanding relationship with our customers and their needs.  Call us today to find a better business partner.
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Windows Support

Supporting all Windows operating systems from 2003 Server to older Windows 98 computers. We offer the professional support that you expect and deserve, being Microsoft certified you can look forward to qualified and skilled solutions to your computer needs. Don't let the "blue screen of death" and computer lock ups cripple your business. Call us today. 

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Backups & Data Loss Prevention / Recovery

How protected is your data?

What would you do if you lost all the vital information that keeps your business running?  Are you aware of how much it cost to recover lost data?  Is one backup enough? Is the your current backup actually backing up your data correctly? Backups are crucial part of business, get a backup plan today.
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Virus Removal & Prevention

Spyware Removal & Prevention


A computer running unreasonably slow may be a sign of a virus.  A virus can go undetected for long periods of time, all the while stealing personal information from your computer or causing it to crash, shutdown or lockup unexpectedly.
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Spyware can cause just as many problems as a virus.  Pop-ups, Ads, slow performance and little to no internet access may be a cause from unwanted spyware or adware.  Did you know most anti-spyware programs can't remove it all alone, the majority need hands on removal.
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Networking & Wireless

Networking is a necessity for most businesses and it can be very complicated to set a network up correctly.  If you need help installing a simple workgroup with 2 to 10 workstations or a domain with dozens of workstations, we can help.  If your network needs DHCP, DNS, WINS, Switching, Bridging, Routing or Wireless services we can configure the proper, most efficient network for your business.  Call us today.


High Speed DSL / Cable Internet Installs & Support

High speed Internet is a fast growing service that can be installed to benefit your home computer or all the computers on your network.  From wanting a faster Internet connection for browsing & gaming to equipping your entire network for Internet access or needing a static IP address running VPN services, we can help.


Network Cable Installs

If you're needing to create a new network or want to add a workstation to an existing network in your business or home we can provide professional installation of any networking cables.


Computer Training


Don't let your computer get the best of you.  If you need help learning the basic functions of how computers work, then give us a call.  We offer basic computer training to help you learn and master the seemingly difficult tasks of basic computing.


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