Why Take A Chance... Get A Backup Plan And Protect Your Data!  

Keeping data secure is such a vital key to running a business, but most feel that it's not that important, that it isn't essential.  78% of data loss is due to hardware failure, which you can not see or predict.  11% is due human error, which is also not predictable.  Another 7% is due to software corruption like your Windows operation system crashing and causing corruption, which again you can not predict.  So why wait until a disaster happens before taking steps to make sure your data is secure?  Call us... we can help


Did you know...

A simple backup plan that will protect your data can cost as little as a couple hundred dollars.  Recovering your vital data after a failure can cost thousands.  We've received quotes from $1,800.00 to $12,000.00 to recover lost data.  Which would you rather spend?